What We Need

Right after we learned we were having triplets, Nicole and I were overwhelemed (in a good way) by how much family, friends and even complete strangers wanted to help us.  We would find people coming up to us asking, “what do you need? I have…Or I could do…Or would you like it if…”

Nicole and I truly are humbled and feel incredibly blessed for anything and everyting you have offered us.  Since we’ve had so many people offer us so many different things, we thought we could use this page of our blog to try and coordinate what we need right now in our adventure.  This page will change as our needs change.  Do not feel obligated to help us!  But, if you would like to get involved, we would welcome the help.


We were so excited to find out we were having one baby.  We are overjoyed to be having three.  But, unfortunately, having triplets instantly makes Nicole’s pregnancy a “high risk” pregnancy.  There is always a chance she could lose one baby.  We want all three of our children to arrive safely and have a long, happy and healthy life.

Please pray for our children, every day if you can or just at any point you think of it.  We need any and all prayers that you can spare.  And, please be assured that while you’re praying for us, we will also be praying for you!


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