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The Ghostbusters were awesome when I was a kid...and they still are

When I was a kid, I loved the Ghostbusters.  I had the movie, I watched the TV show and I had action figures.  I went through a proton pack toy about every 6 months and by the end of the 6th month, they were beat up and heald together with duct tape.  Heck, I STILL love the Ghostbusters.  I bought the Ghostbuster video game when it came out last year despite the reviews I read how easy it was to beat (and it was).  And, I do plan on seeing “Ghostbusters III” when it hits theaters in the next year or two. 

But, the reason I bring up the Ghostbusters is their slogan for their business was, “Who Are You Gonna Call?”  And, after our last doctor’s visit on July 30th, that’s how Nicole and I felt.

Before the ultrasound that confirmed we had triplets, we had made an appointment with her OB to review the results of the ultrasound and talk about a plan for the rest of the pregnancy.  So, we went in on July 30th to see what Nicole’s OB had planned for us.  She was just as surprised by the ultrasound results as we were. 

She told us her practice did not specialize in triplets and therefore, she needed to refer Nicole to a specialist.  She made a suggestion and a few of our friends have made suggestions as well.  We’ve also received some advice on who not to go to. 

Our main concern is that they are (obviously) a good doctor.  Having triplets means Nicole is instantly a high risk pregnancy.  There’s also a good chance she’ll have to go on bed rest pretty early.  So, we want a doctor who’s good at what they do.  We also would like that doctor to be a pro-life doctor given our faith.  Location would also be a factor because when the school year starts, Nicole might have to go from school to a doctor’s appointment.  So, we want to take that all into consideration.

We left the OB’s office feeling a little sad.  We both really liked her OB and it was sad that she wasn’t going to be Nicole’s doctor anymore.  On the other hand, we were a bit confused because unlike the Ghostbusters there were several qualified people to call to handle our problem.  We were leaving in a couple of days to go on a mini-vacation to celebrate our one year anniversary.  We decided to make the decision about who Nicole was going to see when we got back.

“Who Are You Gonna Call?”  We’ll tell you as soon as we figure it out.