Everyone I knew who said they kept a blog faithfully said that the hardest part of keeping a blog is the maitenance.  They weren not kidding.

In the past couple of days I’ve been trying to figure out the best categories and tags to use with our posts.  I think I am having a problem with this because the blog is so new.  As it grows, I’m sure I’ll change my mind on what works best.  Right now, my current system is to use the “category” label to sort by generic topics: 

  • Memories/Stories:  This category is for a post having a story or a memory from the past that’s relevant to something that recently happened.  I have mainly been using this category to post how Nicole and I first learned we were having triplets.
  • Marriage/Family:  This category is for anything relating to my marriage with Nicole and our interactions with our family
  • Doctor’s Visits:  Any time Nicole goes to the doctor.
  • Updates:  To cover any updates I do to the blog

The tags I am viewing as highlighting specific points that come up in the blog.  Some of them, like prayer will be frequently used.  Others, such as Appalachia, probably won’t be used very much.

I’ve also been adding pictures galore over the site.  Specifically to the “When Kenn met Nicole…” section to try and make it more interesting and visually attractive.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how I can make this blog better!