Hi everyone and welcome to the deMoll family’s blog.  Our unique title comes from the fact that on July 23rd, 2010 we discovered that my beautiful wife Nicole was pregnant with triplets!  

Kenn and his beautiful wife Nicole

Kenn and his beautiful wife Nicole

 This was a huge shock to both of us because multiples does not run in our family.  Also, we conceived these triplets entirely naturally.  The odds of this happening are 1 in 8,100. To put that into perspective, you have the same chance of getting a match on your first at a slot machine.  Guess we should start gambling huh?

As a youth minister, I’m always telling teens that we all have our own unique story to tell.  God moves in every life a little differently.  And, clearly we have a unique story to share!  The only question was how to do it.  The more people Nicole and I told about our pregnancy, the more we were asked questions and started receiving requests for regular updates.  This blog seemed like a fun way to keep our friends, family and anyone else interested up to date with how things are going in the pregnancy and, after they arrive, how we are surviving the mayhem of triplets.

So welcome to our blog!  We (Nicole, the babies and myself) hope you enjoy our story and as we laugh, learn and grow hopefully you will as well!  May God bless our journey and may He especially watch over our three children and keep them all safe!